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Material: Advanced gears drive head + Two stages light payload carbon-fiber tripod
Weight: Weight of the head 2.3 kg Weight of the tripod 3.1kg Gross weight 5.4kg
Typical payload: Payload of the head4-15kg Payload of the tripod 40kg
Counter balance: Continuously adjustable range with LED display screen 00-35
Level bubble: Illuminated bubble
Balance plate: ±60mm
Damp: 4 each in horizontal 4 each in vertical
Tilt range: +90° -75°
Pan range: 360°
Operating temperature range: -45℃- +60℃
Tripod/pedestal fitting: 100mm
Height: 390-1480mm
Camera fitting: Celerity lock button 3/8” x 2 screw fixing
Pan bar: 650mm extended pan bar x 2 (standard package)
Floor spreader: Standard package
Middle spreader: Optional
Soft carrying case: Water-proof and shock resistant materials; sponge lining; straps (standard package)

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